Farhad Dalal
is a psychotherapist and Group Analyst in private practice in Devon. He also works with organizations. Previously he was Associate Fellow at the University of Hertfordshire's Business School and Visiting Professor at the PhD School, Open University of Holland.
His work to date has focussed primarily on the themes of psychotherapy, discrimination, equality and diversity. More recently he has been involved in developing a critique of CBT and scientism in psychotherapy.

He has published three books, Taking the Group Seriously; Race, Colour and the Processes of Racialization; and Thought Paralysis: The Virtues of Discrimination.

Farhad Dalal
‘How Could They?’
Hyper-rational Responsibility and the Ethics of Managerialism
The paper is a critique of managerialist ethics. I argue that managerialism utilizes a perverse form of consequentialism and a distorted version of Kantian deontology to create a culture that is both punitive and authoritarian. I attend to the question ‘How Could They?’ by calling on Buber to reflect on dehumanization processes which make it possible to harm others, and on managerialist deontology to explain how it is possible to feel virtuous whilst doing so. I examine how bureaucracy and hierarchy are utilised to dissipate responsibility and avoid blame at the level of institution, and to attribute blame to individual workers trying to do the right thing. Finally, I describe some of the problematic managerialist practices taking place in IAPT, to show how they fashion and sustain an illusory reality.