This conference will take issue with:
a) the neoliberalist/managerialist ethos that prevails in organizational life, and the psychological costs that follow out of it
b) the fetishization of measurement and its use as a means of coercion and control,
c) corrupt pseudo-rationalist practices that distort ‘evidence’  to present false organizational realities 
d) the prevalence of the happiness and resilience agendas in organizational life

The speakers are drawn from a range of backgrounds, which include education, nursing, social work, psychotherapy and psychology.
Toxic Organizations:
Hyper-rationality, Managerialism and the Fetishization of Measurement
3rd Limbus Critical Psychotherapy Conference
Convenor: Farhad Dalal
Daniel Stedman Jones, Willliam Davies, Pamela Trevithick, Paul Hoggett, Rosemary Rizq,   Michael Traynor, Farhad Dalal
Sat & Sun, Nov 3,4, 2018
The Great Hall, Dartington Hall Estate, Totnes, Devon, UK