Sarah Wollaston
Dr Sarah Wollaston MP was elected Member of Parliament for Totnes in
May 2010 and lives in South Devon with her husband Adrian.
Previously a GP, police forensic examiner and a teacher of junior doctors and
medical students; Sarah entered politics through the first fully open postal
Sarah was voted onto the Health Select Committee in the summer of 2010 and
has continued to use her medical experience in the House of Commons. She has a
particular interest in public health policy and has campaigned on a number of
medical issues since the election. Sarah also speaks on science and research,
rural issues, fishing, farming, women's issues and Parliamentary reform.

The Limbus Critical Psychotherapy Conference
Challenging the Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapies:
The Overselling of CBT's Evidence Base
Panel: Opportunities & Difficulties:

- What implications does the current situation in the ‘Mental Health’ field hold for us (locally or nationally)?
Panel Members
Dr. Lynn McClelland
Dr. Su Maddock
Mr. Paul Atkinson
Dr Lynn McClelland has been working as a practitioner for 17 years in local NHS
child & adolescent Mental health services as a Clinical Psychologist and as a training lecturer and supervisor on the Doctoral programmes at Exeter and Plymouth Universities. She has         developed teaching programmes, research projects and papers on Critical Community Psychology and  Reflexive Organisational Practice.

She has been involved for the last 2 years in the extension of the IAPT programme to young   people, experiencing some of its productive and troublesome effects.
Paul Atkinson has been working as a Jungian therapist in private practice for 30 years. He has chaired the Guild of Psychotherapists and the Jungian training in the West Midlands, and was a member of CPJA (UKCP) exec committee for many years. He joined other members of Psychotherapy and Counselling for Social Responsibility in supporting the Occupy camp at St Paul’s. He has helped set up the Free Psychotherapy Network ( <>), and organises men’s therapy groups. He works with the Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy, which has campaigned against the standardisation and regulation of the profession under the medical model; has been critical of the over emphasis on CBT and its evidence base in NICE guidelines and within the IAPT programme; and supports psychotherapy and counselling as a vocation offering a diversity of approach, frequency and duration made available and accessible to all.
Panel Chair
Su Maddock
Dr. Su Maddock, FRSA
A visiting Professor at the University of the West of England and Hon Fellow in Manchester
Business School’s Institute of Innovation.

Her ESRC research on creating the conditions for collaboration in health and social care, led to
the MBS Change Centre, an early innovation hub, bringing together communities, practitioners and
policymakers. She later became an Advisor on change and leadership to the National School of
Government on the Director of the Whitehall Innovation Hub, where she widened the innovation
policy perspective from service to place

She has extensive experience public service innovation and ‘place-based’ innovation. She is an
advocate for the recovery approaches in mental health services and is the ImRoc lead on
commissioning for recovery. She is currently also a strategic adviser to Plymouth University’s
GAIN Growth Hub. 

Her PhD explored how gender cultures impact on public services and transformation (published by
Sage as ‘Challenging Women; gender, innovation and change), she is a Fellow of the Royal Society
of the Arts and Judge for Yorkshire Innovation Awards.

She was selected to be the Torbay Parliamentary Candidate for Labour in Jan 2014

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