Saturday, April 23, 2016.
10.30 to 6.00 
Venue: The Great Hall, Dartington Hall Estate, Totnes, Devon, UK
Cost: £80 Early Bird, £100 after March 31

Limited places: Early booking recommended for this exciting conference, in this unique historical
venue, featuring speakers with established international reputations.

Iain McGilchrist

Farhad Dalal & Julia Vaughan Smith

The conference will be of interest to members of the 'psy' professions, the range of professional groups involved in delivering psychological
welfare - be it nurse, social worker, OT, policy maker, commissioner, GP, researcher, manager or funder.                                                                              
It will also be of interest to Life, Executive, & /Health Coaches
The conference will be of particular interest to psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors of all persuasions.
Dartington Hall Estate
This multidisciplinary conference seeks to open up a secular
space between the impoverished vison of the mechanists, and
the other-worldly ideations of the Devout. The intention being to
establish alternative possibilities which give these profound
conceptions and experiences their due weight, grant them
significance and moral meaningfulness, and at the same time
ground these experiences in, and between, bodies.
Notions of soul, spirit and spirituality are intrinsic to human
experience. On the one hand modernity and its infatuation
with the tangible and measurable, thinks of them in reductive,
mechanistic terms. On the other hand conceptions of soul,
spirit and spirituality are commonly thought to reside beyond
the material realm, as something transpersonal, and so
become associated with the after-life and the other-worldly.
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Soul-Searching, Soul-Making & Soul-Breaking:
Neuroscience, Psychotherapy & the Soul
The Limbus Critical Psychotherapy Conference
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For further information please contact: Farhad Dalal, Limbus, 1 The Plains, Totnes, Devon TQ9 5DR; Tel: 0778 222 0385 
email conf 'at' limbus 'dot' org 'dot' uk
Conference FULLY BOOKED. Waiting list open on registration page